Nagoya Zokei University OB Exhibition

Nagoya Zokei University OB Exhibition

March 20 (Monday) – April 2 (Sunday), 2023
Closed on Wednesdays during the exhibition period

Planning Exhibition Room, Children’s Museum of the Future Coconico
(3-1 Matsuba-cho, Toyohashi-shi, Aichi, Japan)

How to paint with foil

Hello everyone!
This time, I’d like to show you an easy and gorgeous video on how to paint with foil.
If you don’t know how to draw, or if you want to know how to use foil, please watch this video.

This is the menu at the Japanese painting workshop at the recent Aiplaza Toyohashi Festival in Japan.
Even first-time Japanese-style painters and elementary school students enjoyed the workshop.

How to draw cherry blossoms

Hello everyone
It’s getting more and more exciting as spring approaches!

I uploaded a video on YouTube showing how to draw cherry blossoms.
What looks complicated at first glance can be done with a simple combination of shapes.
I hope you enjoy decorating with your own cherry blossoms.


Nobuyo Sakakibara YouTube