donation report

I held a charity event.
I painted 2022 year’s tiger of the Chinese zodiac and customer’s favorite flower on the ema.
(Ema is a small wooden plate that people write their prayers or wishes on.)
Twenty people agreed to the 2000 yen ema, and a total of 40,000 yen was collected.
I donated the entire 40,000 yen that I received to FUTABA social welfare corporations.
Thank you very much to everyone.

Art for Children

I want children to see real paintings that are not printed.
I am decorating my paintings at a local elementary school.

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Appeared in the newspaper

I started the “Sakakibara Nobuyo Flower Project” to support everyone’s stay home.
It was published in Higashi Aichi Newspaper on Sunday, April 19th.

“Instead of being not able to see the flowers, give them a painting of flowers.”
-A heart-healing vaccine that won’t lose against the new coronavirus