solo exhibition in NYC

Information on the solo exhibition in New York has been posted on the website of NohoM55 Gallery!

It’s finally time, I feel it

“Noho M55 Gallery” was formed in 1969 by M55ART on Martha Street.

Noho Gallery started in 1975 and is said to be the oldest historic gallery in New York.

The countdown has started and I can’t stop getting excited.

Nobuyo Sakakibara solo exhibition in New York

From August 23 (Tue) to August 27 (Sat)

Noho M55 Gallery

12 o’clock to 6 o’clock

548 W28th St #634

New York

Phone +1 212-367-7063

The opening party is scheduled for Thursday, August 25, from 6:00 to 8:00.

“Let Your Flower Bloom with Nobuyo🌸” There is an event

Three Japanese Paintings Exhibition ended

Three Japanese Paintings Exhibition – Intersecting Sparkle –

The exhibition ended successfully today.

Thank you very much to everyone who saw it at the venue and everyone who supported me on SNS.

Also, thank you very much, owner of gallery who gave me such an opportunity, Mr. Kazumasa Suzuki and Mr. Masaomi Fukuoka who I was with.

I will do my best to make it happily so that I can see you all again.

Japanese-style painting workshop

I held a Japanese-style painting workshop

From children to veteran adults, only those who touch mineral pigments for the first time.

Production while enjoying the smoothness of mineral pigments and the rough texture. The finish is gorgeous with gold leaf scattered.

Each of you has a wonderful universe and stars.