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~ Wearing art ~
[Nobuyo Sakakibara Art Collection]

We have opened an online shop.

This is an art collection based on the works of Japanese artist Nobuyo Sakakibara who draws on charity and beauty.

The colorful scarves and accessories are the art to wear.

We will introduce you to “living life with art”, which is festive with small works that you can easily decorate.

You can see the shop from this address

Thank you very much.

In addition, everyone who kindly helped us in opening the online shop. Thank you very much.

Meeting to love cherry blossoms

Art Age Gallery Charity Exhibition
[Meeting to love cherry blossoms]

The season is late summer, but “Meeting to love cherry blossoms” is begining.
We regard cherry blossoms as a general term for flowers.
Enjoy the works of 18 artists as if you were in “Ohanami”.

A portion of the sales will be donated to the “Michinoku Mirai Fund” (going to school for those who lost their parents or one of their parents in the Great East Japan Earthquake).


Art Age Gallery Charity Exhibition
[Meeting to love cherry blossoms]

Wednesday, August 19th to Wednesday, September 2nd, 2020

(Until 16:30 on the last day)

Art age gallery
3-2 Mukaiyamanishicho, Toyohashi City, Aichi Prefecture

Keep Your Eyes on the Stars

Toka-kai Toyohashi branch exhibition exhibition works.
” Keep Your Eyes on the Stars Ⅰ”
” Keep Your Eyes on the Stars Ⅱ”
” Keep Your Eyes on the Stars Ⅲ”
Each 38,2 × 63,9 inch
2020 production

I received the member award at the 52nd Toka Exhibition.

This was the moon I saw from the airplane window, when I was heading to New York for my first overseas exhibition. It was not the same gentle light that can be seen from the ground, but was glowing strongly in the golden sky. To me, it seemed like a blessing in disguise. Those who see my work will look up at the starry sky and never lose their dream. This is why I painted with a celebration flower.