Japanese artist Nobuyo Sakakibara paints with love.

She has had a remarkable ability to gaze upon objects from flowers to scenery and release a warming glow from any work since her early childhood.

She was born and raised in a community surrounded by flowers located in Aichi Prefecture, a place which experiences all 4 seasons.
Her first memories are of sketching small pink flowers in the fields from around 2 or 3 years old.

The expanse of these fields of flowers, a beautiful original landscape where the butterflies dance about, forms the basis for her style of painting.
Nobuyo later encountered Japanese art at an art college.
Rock paintings made from crushed natural stones have a natural color beauty.

Nobuyo paints the heavens using the star-filled sky.

She will hold individual exhibits and workshops overseas to communicate the wonders of Japanese art to the world.
Her paintings, which incorporate beautiful scenery using techniques time-tested in Japan, fascinates people worldwide.