Works and Artist Introduction


1. Why did you decide to make these works at this time?

I came to New York City for the first time in January 2019, for JCAT’s smiley exhibition.
New York is a city of intelligent and sophisticated humor.
I was inspired by the free way of thinking and broad perspectives, and I wanted to express the colors and shapes I felt in New York.
It is a fresh awakening of traditional Japanese beauty. I drew it in my own unique new style.

2. Please explain each one of the exhibits.

sweet rain Ⅰ
sweet rain Ⅱ

“Sweet Rain I” and “Sweet Rain Ⅱ”

In each of these two works, what I am drawing is benevolence and beauty.
For these I borrow the form of flowers, and I paint them with abundant colors.
Japanese painting uses very traditional Japanese art materials.
I paint with Japanese paper, glue, and water using natural ore and colored glass, that is, rock paint made by crushing gem stone.
The paintings are on a vertically oriented Japanese hanging scroll.
As if the wisteria flowers pour down like rain, they are works that capture the sweet scent and the scintillation of the blossoms.

3. What other things did you take into consideration when producing these paintings?

I always aim to challenge myself with new things.
I am conscious of the desire and need to continue my growth.
I wanted to create a new value in a work with blank spaces, like the space between what is figurative and what is abstract,
into which the viewer’s emotions enter.

4. What do you want to convey to people who see your paintings, your art activity?

I am directing the bright and calm great energy I have to art.
What I have received so far, from now on I would like to give and give – as much as I can – and to convey the richness.
I think that is my own mission as an artist.